What are the Biggest Branding trends for this 2016?

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December 30, 2016
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What are the Biggest Branding trends for this 2016?

A brand is all about: what it is, what it produces, the values ​​it represents and the people it works with and the process of promoting it is called branding. In recent years, the branding has been going through a change in recent years and it has now started to accelerate towards a more personal and cognitive status just because the brands are losing their elitist, impersonal and unattainable layers and being more human. The branding now goes beyond the choice of color schemes, use the appropriate source or secure an exclusion zone about logo design.

The days where brands and products that were hidden behind layers of corporate armor are ending. Consumers now expect to be able to interact with brands, demanding new products and services and being a more active part of the conversation. And to reflect this, techniques of branding are changing too. Today, it is not uncommon to see brand ambassadors communicating directly with consumers through the social media.

All this raises the question: what about the branding this 2016? How do brands and  branding change and develop to reflect the needs of both businesses and consumers? In broad terms, the answer is much more of the same developments that have begun, but it has accelerated towards the examples that some of the pioneers have established in the a new human era.

For this reason, here we introduce the trends of branding that will be most important for this 2016.

1.     Move it from brand to brand experience

The markings begin offering more embedded consumer experiences.

As already discussed, the way that brands present themselves and interact with the end consumer will be increasingly important. As a result, the branding will no longer focus on just the projection of itself in a particular lifestyle image. Rather, it will start to promote the positive experiential interaction with consumers. This approach will allow them to meet the evolving needs of the user in a more effective way.

On trend:  The  branding will include “softer” elements, i.e.  less concentration on fonts, color and images and more focus on developing connections with the user.

2.     Make it more personal

The branding will take steps towards a more personal experience.

Brands have recognized that things mean different to different consumers. With the advent of platforms such as social media, it becomes easy for brands to target their customers based on their preferences. Using social networks as the primary mean of interacting with customers (except the act of buying and consuming), brands now create a personal version of themselves for each consumer.

This feature has long been used in high-end brands. Remember the phrases, bring your Mercedes car by plane from Germany or have a custom Rolex watch for your needs etc.? The philosophy has been there and we are seeing this trend getting more popular in 2016. Whether it’s Apple offers to burn the back of your devices with your name or Coca Cola to create versions of cans and bottles with names and surnames, the use of personal experience is gaining enough space.

On trend: The marks start to interact with customers on a more personal level, customizing and offering what meets the individuals’ needs.

3.     Humanization

The branding will be less corporate and more personal.

You might forgive the thought that this is the same concept that makes  branding more personal, but just different. Brands have been a facade that has represented a number of values, but consumers view them as of a faceless company that has got nothing to do with humanity.

Think in terms of how Starbucks and Amazon have suffered negative press for its complex tax events. Therefore, brands are now sticking up with people to represent themselves and promoting human connection that creates a strong bond which in some cases can be emotional.

On trend:  The branding will start using more human attributes to connect emotionally with their users and customers.

4.     Getting resources internally

Branding can start more initiative.

There is a tendency to seek professional help when it comes to  branding, and we do not expect this to change in the future. So, you should always enlist the help of experts in branding. But historically, professionals have always tried to get under the skin of the companies to separate values ​​that need to be represented in a brand, we hope that this will change towards a more internal process within companies.

It is more likely that the message of  the brand comes from within the company rather than outside of it. All this fits with other trends mentioned in this article.

On trend: The partners and internal employees can share ideas and help develop the branding in effective and surprising ways.

These are the new predictions about trends in  branding for this year has already begun. Do you agree? Have we forgotten anything? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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