FLUSH the Crap! Flash is Getting Out of Scene

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December 30, 2016
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December 30, 2016
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FLUSH the Crap! Flash is Getting Out of Scene

To improve the performance, websites are choosing HTML5 as an alternative to Flash. And so as Google Chrome. In a recent post, Google Chrome come clear that from 1st September 2015, Chrome will not allow to run ads by default. It isn’t that Chrome has personal grudges with Flash, but we all know that it reduces the page performance.

In case you want to play a paused Flash video, you just need to click on it to start playing.

Besides slowing down the speed, these Flash advertisements also drains the battery of the device. As always Google’s aim is to give the users a peace of mind. Stopping the auto-playing of these Flash ads will help them improve the performance and make the web more user-friendly.

In partners to Adobe, Google has taken this step. Google won’t pause every Flash video but only those that are not as imperative as there would be some on the page. The outcome will enhance the performance, and users will not be complaining of slow browsing or battery drainage.

This change will go against some of the advertisers. They will have to follow closely the new Google procedures. Where many Flash ads convert automatically to HTML5, there are still some advertisers who have no idea of the drawbacks of using Flash. To make it certain that ads come up on the Google Display Network, follow the steps as provided by Google Support on: Converting your Flash ads to HTML5 ads.

In case you think that YouTube (that is also owned by Google) plays videos using Flash, you need to think again. The default streaming of videos on YouTube is also HTML5 and not the Adobe Flash.

Not only Google, but other tech companies like Facebook also tends to convert the videos from Flash to HTML5. But Facebook still possesses the power to play Flash videos, as of certain issues and vulnerabilities.

Knowing that facts of using Flash on the web, it still is not possible to get rid of Flash that easy. There are thousands of online games that still runs on Flash, and so Flash can’t be fully banished. Twitch, a game streaming service has now considered moving away from Flash. But this will take some time. And the game developers can’t back off from Flash, not at once. And if they do, many of the online games would stop running.

Google has taken a first step to stop making the Flash ads to run automatically but is unlikely that it would work perfectly. This step will require several more moves before they finally provide what they have plans for and what the users need.


If IT companies like Google and Facebook are moving away from Flash, why can’t we? It is high time to give the users relief from slow browsing and battery drainage, and go with the trend.

If you too have a website that allows Flash videos or ads, you need to follow the above mentions procedures to convert the ads or videos from Flash to HTML5. Or if you’re thinking a new website development, you must ask your IT services company to create a back door for your Flash ads or videos and help your website run smoothly.

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