Content Marketing – You’re Doing it All Wrong

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December 30, 2016
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December 30, 2016
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Content Marketing – You’re Doing it All Wrong

With no other opinion, traditional marketing is going to stay here for long. But content marketing is yet another way to spread a word about your products/services. If you have been providing content marketing services, you would know that 93% online marketers are opting content marketing over other methods. But of them, only 42% have been found successful.

But why only 42%?

The answer to this is simple – the others were unable to produce an easy-to-read web content. Of the million blogs and article directories, we usually head back to very few. Along with the design and functionality of the website or blog, we love to read their content. They could be using the tone that is easy to understand, is informative and speaks our language.

If you too find yourself stuck in this mess, you need to read this blog. I’ve gathered four techniques to make your content more attractive.


This is the first thing that comes to the scene. From the top till the end, headlines should be written to grab attention. If you’ve a headlines which says it all and predicts what the reader is looking for, it gives you a good idea that readers will land your content.

You will find many ideas on the web to write your titles, and they are usually effective. But they’ll restrict your thoughts. So don’t use them often. Rather, use the imaginative side of yours. The better approach to get ideas is to read titles from the top article websites.

The titles should also follow the recommended length size. And it’s better to place a keyword to attract the web crawlers as well.


Website content is not like an essay or course book. It’s more like a two-way communication. Your blogs/articles talk to the readers. And if you use a textbook tone, they soon will find themselves back in the school.

Rather, using a boring tone, use the tone you normally use when you meet a person the first time.

Another tip to make your content more conversational is to use short sentences. Short sentences give the readers a time to understand the content and also will give them a time to communicate back to you.

Use vocabulary that a fifth grader can understand – says Neil Patel, the co-founder of KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg and Quick Sprout.

The easy way to understand what tone your readers would love is to read more blogs and articles.


There is no set limit, but the content must be justifiable. Blogs are usually shorter than articles. One of the reasons for this is – the bloggers’ first try to spot web crawlers and then the readers. Whereas, articles are generally written to attract human traffic.

But reports say that the lengthier the content, the more it’s shared on the web. In making the content size go wider, don’t overdo it.

At Zepto Systems, we write blogs, articles, press releases, website content and guest posts, with the length that best blends in with the context.

The size you need, all depends on the content you need. And the company providing web content writing services can best guide you with the size of the content.

Images and Videos

Besides text, many readers love to absorb information out of other types of content like videos and images. And if you can, a blend of the three i.e. text, images and videos will add more value and will also help better in attracting traffic.

One best way to combine images and text is to produce infographics. You can develop your own infographics using online tools or you can contact Zepto Systems, to build one for you.

It is not that easy to make your content more viral and readable. This will take time. But when you have professional web content writing services, you can predict a quick run-up.

About the Author

Bill is a web content writer, blogger and a contributor at Zepto Systems. The company’s operations aren’t limited only to content writing, they also provide services in a wider area.

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